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The Air, The Sun: A Jacob and Bella Fanfiction Com
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A quality controlled Jacob/Bella fanfiction community

The Air The Sun
Welcome to theair_thesun! We are a quality controlled fanfiction community dedicated to Jacob and Bella from Twilight. Our hope is to provide a supportive, passionate environment in which all Jacob/Bella enthusiasts can share, read, and discuss fanfiction.

If you are an author and interested in posting your work to this community, please check out the posting guidelines page to find out how.

The Masterlist is where you will be able to find a list of all of our currently archived stories.

While archiving great J/B fic is one of our purposes, we love to have members participate in other ways as well! All members are encouraged to post discussion topics, share fanfic recommendations, make/fulfill story/banner requests, participate in challenges, and—of course—give authors fantastic feedback..
Like any successful community, however, we do have a few rules to keep everything running smoothly and ensure that no one leaves here emotionally scarred for life:

1. No hateful comments. Whether participating in a discussion or offering feedback on a story, there is no need to use disrespectful, unconstructive criticism. If a member is issued a warning for his/her behavior, the next time that person crosses the line, he/she will be banned from the community.

2. Anyone wishing to post a story to this community must follow the posting guidelines. Stories that do not will follow this format will be deleted, and the author will be given a warning. Again, after two infringements, the member will be banned.

3. This is a Jacob/Bella fanfiction community. If a post does not contain material pertaining to this subject matter, it may be deleted. However, ANY TOPIC OF TWILIGHT FANFICTION IS PERMITTED FOR DISCUSSION POSTS. It does not have to strictly focus on J/B, but neither should it censure the pairing.

4. No mindless bashing of other Twilight pairings.

5. Be loud and proud! You know you support the best Twilight couple out there, and everyone else here agrees with you, so don’t hold back. :D.
Our Team
If you have any questions about the community, please send an email to theair_thesun at yahoo dot com. ( theair_thesun@yahoo.com )
Feel free to also follow us on our Twitter.
We encourage you to go forth and be brave. We want to hear what you have to say.
♥ Thank you.
Easy As Breathing
The Twilight Awards
We would love to become affiliated with you! Please message a Moderator, or email us at theair_thesun@yahoo.com!
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